March 31, 2020


Our experiences though seemingly unique tend to be interwoven. As such it is important that we make it clear that we care.

We Care

Our experiences, though seemingly unique tend to be interwoven. As such it is important that we make it clear that we care. We care because we share your love for mankind’s best friend. You will not find a friend as loyal no matter where you look. This is why we are committed to creating the very best content for you and for your dog.

We are committed to continuing to search for new information and providing it to you in a way that is easy to digest. The richer your content is the easier it gets to engage an audience. As scientific research makes strides, we aim to follow in its footsteps to ensure that this knowledge is made available to you in a timely manner.

Dog and woman watching sunset

We Know

Not to blow my own horn on anything. I have close to three decades of direct experience of growing up around, then raising dogs. This has included training them as well as treating them of some of the most common ailments that they suffer.

The one guarantee that you have is that this knowledge will be made available to you. That may be through a range of posts or messages if you have any specific questions. As outlined above. This is not where the knowledge will end. I want to know more.

You Know

We will undoubtedly reach readers from other parts of the globe. Experiences will not be the same. That is the beauty of our global village. Having a way to share our knowledge allows you to teach me what you know.

There are simpler solutions to problems that I would have always approached in a long-winded route. If you know something I don’t please do not keep it to yourself. There are people and dogs out there that stand to benefit greatly from all of this. We acknowledge that You Know!

Better You, Better Dog

Finally, I know this is a site about dogs, but we understand that you too matter. In many ways, I have been able to find a correlation between the mental and emotional wellbeing of a dog with that of its owner. If you are hyped up and angry, your dog will be the same.

The milder ones among us tend to also raise mild-mannered dogs. The active ones have dogs that are equally active. Our content will not only cater to the wellbeing of your dog, but to yours as well. We will share world-class information on how you can improve your wellbeing as well as your dog’s.

Happiness for all

Thank you for being a part of this journey. We will keep going. Not just for you, but for me as well. Let us all derive joy and celebrate each day as it passes. Our pets are a key part of each of our families.