April 14, 2019

Labrador Retriever Review

Considering Getting a Labrador Retriever? Either way, here is what you can look forward to in life with one.

Considering Getting a Labrador Retriever? Either way, here is what you can look forward to in life with one.

Today it’s going to be reviewing the Labrador retriever. So a Labrador retriever originates from Canada and much like the Canadians they’re very polite sometimes too polite in very hardy breed originally the dog which used to retrieve fishing equipment and also for hunting such docks in birds this still use a lot today for those reasons not so much for the fishing but much more for duck hunting they’re great working dog in by 5 the most popular companion dogs in America they come in 4 different varieties they can come in yellow likings idea they can come in black chocolate silver in white there is no real difference between a chocolate lab in a yellow lab I’ve heard people say that yellow lab to crazy in the truck it’s not true there either they allow the not they’re all the same a lot of people see a dog like Kingsley and say I like his big blocky head I like his temperament and they go out and they just buy the first lap that they see in the newspapers there’s a lot more to it than that guys they can come in many different varieties they don’t all look the same some a tall slender some have a long ways now some of the smaller had some have a bigger had it all depends on the breeder you want to do heavy amount of research with the breeders to make sure that you’re getting what you want okay now it’s time for the lab review all right now give it a rating system now these are all my opinions I love all dos so we’ll have higher school at some level low schools it’s all my preference and I’m just telling you what in my experience working with these dogs what you guys can expect to.

First off in very important is temperament labs have a very very sweet temperament a great with kids great with other dogs in a great with people overall this is super friendly dog they can be very vocal they can block a lot I see that’s the only downside other than that there really super sweet and and just a great family dogs and companion dog temperament. 5 out of 5 size.

Did you activity level they’re very active dog will bread to work so we have a lot of energy stocks do best in a household who have an active phone if you like to hike if you like the bike if you like to run walk active person likes to be out there and get after it this is a great companion for you they need a lot of exercise these dogs are excellent swimmers they have an oily coat the help shut the water off the money from the excellence women’s they can swim all day they love it they can even swim in cold water I wouldn’t take them out in the arctic cold but you know in the dead of winter they these guys love love love to swim you can’t keep my water if you’re in swing this a great dog to have in the summertime taken down to upon goes women it’s fantastic there are there hardy recently do well in almost all weather conditions I would I would advice use caution in the extreme heat like every dog and also an extreme cold other than those 2 they do really well in just about anything number 3 trainability.

I find these going to be very smart they can pick up on things really quickly I always recommend to people who do get a lap poppy immediately stop them on a retrieving game because it comes very naturally to them so really quick way to teach your dog how to be off which to come to you utilize that used a natural ability to retrieve to learn how to be awfully that has already Rubik’s cubes but they anything that you’ll need in everyday life sit stay calm in a pick up pretty quickly they do a good job and they’re willing to please. So I’d give him a 4 to 5 size for training health very healthy dog they don’t they don’t know for a ton of things you main one is gonna be hip dysplasia with any and all yeah I have a risk of it some sort of health issues however with the lab is not time they live a long time to get going to get 10 plus years out of these guys if you exercise right view them right there’s no reason why this I can’t live a long healthy happy life 5 out of 5 stars for health so in closing.

Labrador retriever great dogs love them so much fun I’m giving the score of 4.9 out of an overall score of 5 stars for the lab or to you might be the highest score I give all year for all dogs. He’s a really good family companion great with kids great with other dogs. Loving just a great overall dog and there’s a reason why the most part so for 4.9 out of 5 stars for these got renegades agree the high score I give all year but they really are super sweet fun dog to own.

Not a bad on their bodies again do your research make sure you go into a good reputable breeder that so important if you want to have all the good qualities make sure you are researching the Brita you know what you get yourself into the video right. Have a great dog for a long time thanks again for watching you guys on the next episode we’re going to be reviewing the German shepherd. Buckle up it’ll be a good one thanksgiving eyes by one.